Member Benefits


We are constantly communicating with Kentucky decision makers about how concrete can benefit with green & sustainable designs. There are several programs in place such as “The Challenge” and the Parking Lot Promotion Incentive Program, which members are taking advantage of. In addition, there are five Regional Promotion Groups in the state doing promotional efforts on the local level.


We offer a variety of training programs for members. Safety, accounting, government regulations compliance, and sales training, are just some of the programs offered. We also consider that most of our promotional efforts are also educational, teaching Kentucky decision makers about our products and how to use them.


We have one of the nation’s best and highly rated concrete certification schools. The ACI Level I School and the KCA Level II School are the standard that the testing industry and the Kentucky DOT use for their employees. KCA members receive significant member price discounts when attending these schools. We also offer ACI Flatwork Finishers Certification as well as NRMCA Pervious Concrete Contractor Certifications. Discounts are available for KCA Members for these programs as well.


Members can obtain reasonably priced insurance through the Kentucky Construction Industry Trust. The trust is a union of many of the construction trades, giving better pricing for members with strength in numbers.


The KCA Legislative Committee monitor legislative and administrative regulations that can affect our industry as well as setting up legislative audiences we can educate about the benefits of concrete in Kentucky.

KCA Website

We have developed a website that is loaded with information about concrete products, lists all events, has a county by county listing of members and has links to other industry related websites for information.

Directory & Newsletter

We publish an annual directory of all our members and their services and also publish a monthly newsletter that members can utilize to keep up with current events and happenings in our industry.

Unified Industry Voice

We represent over 175 companies in the concrete industry in Kentucky and with a unified voice through strength in numbers, can vastly improve the quality and quantity of ready mix concrete in our Commonwealth.

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The Kentucky Concrete Association is a non-profit trade association representing the men and women of the ready mixed concrete industry in the great Commonwealth of Kentucky. Since 1960, KCA members and staff have worked tirelessly to improve the overall quality of concrete construction as well as educate Kentuckians about new and existing ways ready mixed concrete can help them build better and smarter.Our members truly believe that concrete is the greatest building material in the world and that ready mixed concrete can contribute significantly toward sustainable and green construction designs.If you are a part of the ready mixed concrete industry in Kentucky, there are massive benefits for being a member of the KCA. To join the cause or to learn more, please contact us or click here to join.If you are a casual observer of the site or are looking for information about ready mixed concrete products, welcome to our site and the wonderful world of concrete!