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Membership Qualifications
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  1. Any individual or firm engaged in the production and/or sale of ready mixed concrete in the state of Kentucky is eligible to apply  for​ ​PRODUCER MEMBERSHIP​ ​in​ ​the KCA.
  2. Any individual or firm providing services or supplies used by the ready mixed concrete industry in Kentucky is eligible to apply  for ​ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP.
  3. Firms who conduct their business on a high ethical level and fulfill their contracts and obligations are eligible. KCA desires to  develop​ ​a​ ​membership designed to assure skill, integrity and responsibility.
  4. All membership applications are subject to the approval by the KCA Board of Directors.
  5. Companies who have been a member and are rejoining the KCA will have to pay the dues for the prior two years to be eligible  for the school, program and event discounted rates. Companies who are joining KCA for the first time will be eligible for the  discounted rate immediately.

2020 Dues

Producer Membership Structure

Producer membership dues are calculated at a rate of $0.05 per five year rolling average number of cubic yards of concrete  produced in the state of Kentucky.

Please use this table to calculate your annual dues:

Your 2015 Cumulative Yards Produced in Kentucky
Your 2016 Cumulative Yards Produced in Kentucky
Your 2017 Cumulative Yards Produced in Kentucky
Your 2018 Cumulative Yards Produced in Kentucky
Your 2019 Cumulative Yards Produced in Kentucky
Your 5-year Rolling Average
(numerical average of above)
Your 2020 Dues Rate is
(5-year Rolling Average X $0.05)
Total 2020 Producer Membership Dues

Concrete Paving Contractor Membership

Concrete Paving Contractor dues are $800.00 per year plus assessments of $2.90 per $1,000.00 of work performed.

Concrete Paving Contractor$800.00
Plus Assessments of ~ $2.90/ $1,000.00 up to $10,000,000 per project.
Total Concrete Paving Contractor Membership Dues$

Associate Membership Dues Structure

​(to include all companies that supply admixtures to Ready Mix Producers) 
Fly Ash$1,750.00
​(To include range of suppliers: truck dealers, plant suppliers, loader and other equipment sales.)
Professional Engineers, Testing Labs, & Consulting Services$340.00
Concrete Contractors (1 - 9 Employees) $340.00
Concrete Contractors (10 - 29 Employees)$485.00
Concrete Contractors (> 30 Employees) $730.00
Concrete Pumping or Conveyor Company$680.00
(To include cement trucking, & barge services) 
All Other Suppliers
​(To be defined by KCA Board)